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The future of Top Gear?

Started by DaveMorton, May 04, 2015, 17:21:01 PM

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I'm going to miss Jeremy. He's odd, and CERTAINLY not "politically correct", but he's alright in my book. :(
BBC 'has chosen dream team' of Top Gear presenters to replace Jeremy Clarkson

And no, I don't think that Jodie Kidd would make a good replacement. She's moderately pretty, but that's not a qualification. How can you make her the target of infantile mocking without seeming sexist?
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I'm going to miss all three of them but especially Jeremy, there is no one like him and he was alright in my book too.

The new line-up hasn't get me excited in any way, can't help but think viewing figures will plummet and Top Gear will end up being a shadow of its former self.  :( 


I like Guy Martin. He's a down to earth northern biker. Not sure about Top Gear though.
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