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Tomorrow's World: Mobile Phone 1979

Started by Freddy, November 20, 2019, 21:48:56 PM

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Remember this guy Data and Snowy?

I used to love this show.


loved the show too, was a must watch every week

I remember back then it was always about the radio frequencies that the government wouldn't release, it took another government to realise they could make shed loads of money by selling them off.

The video was pretty funny though, amazing how far we have come with the mobile networks, not just for phone calls but now mobile (fast) internet as well, all down the same clump of frequencies and millions of people using it at the same time, clever stuff  8)   


Amazing really, so much taken for granted now.

Found this too:


Looks like the password was "1234"  :o

I remember the days of BBS, never had Prestel though.
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They're using a BBC Micro B I think - we used to have those in college. My friend designed a BBS system and ran it from there as a project. I was a SYSOP - System Operator, my username was Rincewin - there were only 8 letters allowed and that was the closest I could get to the Rincewind from the Pratchett Discworld books. It was a lot of fun and my first experience of working on things like that even if I was just admin.