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torn between decisions

Started by sybershot, March 06, 2013, 20:20:29 PM

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As you all know, I'm getting a sum of money soon to spend on my SyberShot Studios set up. $2,500 usd to be exact.

In my research  I found a 27" touch screen monitor here

1st option:
I would need 2 of them, for I need dual displays. Seeing that the monitors is what I will be looking at most, I figured 2 27" monitors would be most beneficial for me. However these touch screens are $700.00 bucks a pop which would eat up $1400.00 of the total amount I have to spend leaving me with $1,100.00

The second most beneficial thing would be a tablet, I could either (a) get a surface pro and that would be it, or (b) get a Samsung ativ 500t atom based for $549.99 leaving me with $550.00 to get a gpu and psu for my current rig.

2nd option:
don't go with touch screens and just get 2 non-touch screen 27" monitors totaling around $700.00

a Samung ativ 500t for $549.99
leaving me with $1,250.00 to spend on an ivy bridge rig with 8 gigs of memory and a low grade gpu

3rd  option:
2 x 27" monitors for a total around $700.00
and $1,800.00 to spend on a ivy bride rig with a fairly decent gpu and 16gig of memory

ATM I am leaning more towards option 1, for my rig does do everything I need it to...but the temptation of a new rig is very tempting.

what option would you guys go with? or do you have a different recommended options?


How about option 4? Hire a trustworthy babysitter for a few days and take the wife on a weekend getaway to Niagara Falls, or the Bahamas. :P

I hear Disney World is nice this time of year, too. :)
Safe, Reliable Insanity, Since 1961!


good suggestion Dave, but not going to happen  :-X
we have $ set aside for vacations, but we both agree it is more fun to take the kids :D

This $ is strictly for my Studio upgrade only :D


Sorry, Mrs. Syber... I tried. ;)

I personally can't see spending $700 for monitors such as that. At least, not for both of them. What about one TSM, and one regular?
Safe, Reliable Insanity, Since 1961!


Why do ya want a touch screen with mucky paw prints and finger grease all over it any way... you will be cleaning it every five minutes if my phone is anything to go by :P ;)


Read through the options, I'm scratching my head  :scratch-head: if I had that money coming in I would go for.

A new fence  :D the last one blew down, a top end graphics card  :P and a couple of SSD's  :P :P would probably make a mess of $2500.

Not much help I know Syber, sorry.  :(

Whatever you do I wouldn't go for a low end graphics card, don't go lower than "low high end"  :-\   :scratch-head:


For $80.00USD, you can turn any monitor into a "touch screen". And you've provided the link already!
Safe, Reliable Insanity, Since 1961!


again great suggestion Dave. I have however thought about that, but then they would not match. Unfortunately I am picky when it comes to that. hate to sound negative to your suggestions, but afraid to say Sorry not going to happen.

@ Data: also with option 1 and 2 I should be able to get a decent gpu not quite high end but close enough. I already have a 128ssd and 1tb hhd atm enough storage, but more is always better  :scratch-head:

@ Freddy: Reasons for touch screens is because I had surgery done to my wrist a few years back, and using my mouse for long periods of time really hurts the wrist. another small reason is because it would compliment my windows 8 os.

not concerned about the finger print smudging, tradeoff will be worth not having to use a mouse.


fixed last post I said "@Dave" when I meant to say "@Data"

Dave you post did not show up as I posted, just noticed as I fixed mistake noted above.

Dave I would of like to have gone the "Leap" route, but I cannot hold my right arm up for too long due to shoulder injury. I would be in the same boat I am in now with my wrist using a mouse.  :'(


Quote@ Freddy: Reasons for touch screens is because I had surgery done to my wrist a few years back, and using my mouse for long periods of time really hurts the wrist. another small reason is because it would compliment my windows 8 os.

Oh yes, sorry  :-[  Then you have a good reason Sir  :thumbsup:


a good reason yes, but dang is it costly to go touch.
a tough decision it is: go tough and hopefully help out wrist, or go non touch and put with the pain as I been doing.


Well pain is not good ergo reduce the pain.

Could the pain become worse continuing the way you are too ?


@Freddy the thing with the right wrist is when I use my forearm muscles and or finger muscles, the tendons in my wrist pulls my forearm bone into the cartilage of my wrist and cause the two to scrape against each other. This causes the cartilage to break, chip, or grind down. The only thing left for a surgeon to do is fuse the wrist and forearm together, removing all my wrist movement and no guarantee that pain will be relieved.

My right shoulder is injured as well and surgery can not be done to that, when I work my right shoulder too much it causes pain and also pulls on my neck muscles causing headaches.

I use voice via Microsoft speech engine and via Ultra Hal to control my pc when kids are not around, but that is not always as fast or easy as using a mouse or touch screen.

granted using the touch screen will most likely tighten the shoulder muscle, but it could give my wrist a break when needed from the mouse. and if shoulder is to soar, I could revert to voice.

I am working on a new pc build that includes the two touch screens which brings me just over $2,500.00 by about $30.00 No tablet but I think I can live without it. I will post the components in little bit.


Syber perhaps you can help me out a bit here mate, I'm a little confused, not difficult granted. You state there that you suffer problems with your wrist and shoulder if over worked, I was just wondering if a touchpad might benefit you given the physical movement involved working two touch screens.

Some thing like this.

Windoze 8 compatible, it would save you a whole heap of Dollars too for other up-grades.  :thumbsup:
It WILL be fine !...


To be honest Diesel, I would not know 100%
If I use my laptops touchpad (which is smaller than the one linked by you) it hurts my wrist after a certain period of time of around 20-30 minutes.

The touch screen I'm sure I will not be able to use for long periods of time either, but it give me another option to switch between.

I have a wacom intrus pen tab, it is not touch but is a pen based touch. I can only use that for 15-25 minutes before I have to stop due to pain.

  :scratch-head: If only I was a southpaw, I would have no trouble using a left hand mouse. unfortunately my left hand is worse than my left foot lol.