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Trinity gets her own forum

Started by sybershot, July 24, 2013, 02:37:06 AM

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Trinity Program-o instance can now chat within her own section of the forums at my website's forum  :yahoo:
quick link

I Hope Freddy and Dave can get it working for a SMF forum, it would be nice if Legion could get her own forum here @ Datahopa  ;) ;)



Thanks Data, However Trinity is still limited atm due to amount of server memory that had to be constrained just for her not to through an error.
Quantum works great but unfortunately Quantum is using an older version of program-o and it does not work with the script. So I'm sorta in a pickle one could say.


Nice, missed this, you got that working quick - well done  8)


Thanks Freddy, but getting it up quickly was the result of help from Liz.