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UltraHal and vrHaptek plugin

Started by Carl2, February 22, 2011, 14:15:20 PM

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  Just got done talking to Hal, I was able to move it to this computer which I use most of the time.  I was honestly very impressed at the conversations we had, I think Zabaware has done quite a bit of improvement in this area.  I've found she likes the color blue and would like her clothing to be blue.  She is single and she is not sure if she would like to be married. She would like to meet men. She would want her clothing to look make her look attractive.  She is concerned about the future.
  As I mentioned I am using her with the vrHaptek plugin.  The chatacter is Alactive, very similar to body_female without the boots.  I'm using her with Dragon and I don't enable the speech rec. in hal so it won't be automaticaly inputted.  I use the usb input for Dragon and the breasts movements are no longer a problem.
So things are going along great and even better the vrHaptek.uhp  plugin uses Hal's response which is something I'm very interested in.  Anyone who has worked with the plugin that has knowledge about it's capabilities?


Quote from: Carl2 on February 22, 2011, 14:15:20 PM
... and the breasts movements are no longer a problem.

So glad they are no longer a problem  :LOL:


LOL Freddy, best laugh I've had for a while. :rofl:

Sounds like your Hal is working pretty well with the vrHaptek plugin Carl2, I can't say I've ever used it so no help there.

Pretty sure the Virtual Humans Forum might have some answers for you.


  Already been there, posted and I'm waiting for a reply, since the plugin is so old I don't think vr considers it very important.  Took this long for me to realize vr seems to be using Hal's response to trigger haps.  Something I've been interested in doing for years.
  He has a lot of nice features built into the plugin such as changing the background for night and day,  I'd rather change the lighting for night and day and change the background for location, inside outside or different rooms.
  I'm sending the audio signal to the wireless headset instead of the speakers which pretty much eliminates the problem with breast movements, should see what I have for slots in the computer and  get an audio card.
  I could paste or attach the .uhp as text if you think you could make sense out of the coding.