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Website Speed Testing

Started by Data, July 19, 2014, 16:36:13 PM

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Here is a nice little tool to test the speed of websites:

For me Datahopa loads in under a second.  ;D


I use that one myself. AiDreams took 1.7s  8)


1.7 seconds, I haven't got all day mate  :LOL:

I'm pulling your leg.  :)


I know  :LOL:

I'm not sure if compressing things did anything, but the past few days it seems pretty fast there.

DaveMorton uses pingdom's other tools, such as sending me emails when the site goes down for any reason (since I'm on the admin team). Way back when the site was plagued with a corrupted database, I'd get 3 or 4 notices every hour (6 to 8, really, since I also got "up" alerts) for days at a time, filling up my inbox like crazy. As Erwin and the rest of the team over there have FINALLY upgraded the forum software, I'm expecting to see virtually non of those alerts anymore. :)
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