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Who? Dr. Who...that's who.

Started by Art, August 02, 2021, 21:04:13 PM

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What do your think about the latest incarnation of the good Doctor? Of course, the research of the 12 previous doctors mentioned that upon death, the Doctor could reincarnate as any shape, type, or gender of character possible. And so there is now the 1st woman Doctor Who (Jodi Whittaker) and while she is very easy on the eyes, I wonder how well she has been received in these past few years? Thoughts?

While I personally have not been following the show per se, I did/do find that it sort of tweaks the SyFy geek in a lot of us to some degree or other.

Personally, I did not care for David Tennant at all! I think I was ruined by his character (Kilgrave) and acting plot or task in the series Jessica Jones. He played such a self-absorbed, arrogant ass in the series that many of my friends and I wanted to simply choke the life out of him ourselves, mainly for his mean behavior toward Jessica (Krysten Ritter).

It was a great series too BTW if you have a chance to see it!
Anyhow, I digress...thoughts about Dr. Who / Jodi.


A very controversial topic, you know how to pick them don't you Art  ;D

I really enjoy Doctor Who, recently I've been watching some of the older episodes with Tom Baker, he was a great Doctor, I also thought that David Tennant was one of the better Doctors.

Going back and watching some of the early episodes was a real eye opener at times, the Doctor was addressing the human reliance on fossil fuels and warning of its consequences, the show always has a deeper meaning than just the surface story, it works on more than one level and is educational in places. Not perfect but the best of British  :)

As the world changes and we accept that all people should have equal rights - Doctor Who has attempted to address the new world order.

Some will say its gone too far. some will say it hasn't gone far enough, I respect peoples rights to have an opinion even though I disagree with many of them, diplomatic enough for everyone  :D

At the end of the day I still watch the Doctor.

I believe viewing figures have dropped since Jodi Whittaker took over.

It won't be long now until the Doctor regenerates, I wonder who will get the part next.

Place your bets humans  :cheers:


I've not seen any since Matt Smith departed. I liked Matt as the doctor and wish he had stayed on longer.

Tennant was in my favourite episode of all time and that was Don't Blink!.


There are quite a few names being put forward for the possible next Doctor but my favourite so far has to be Matt Berry, it's a long shot but I think he would make a great Doctor  :thumbsup:



Surprisingly enough, I watched that Don't Blink episode with Tennant and I think he presented a very believable character of the good Dr. Yes, his role in Jessica Jones was that of quite a horrible person, and believe me, he portrayed that character to a T.

After all, I remind myself, they are called Actors for a reason, and for them to climb inside of a particular character and elicit emotions of like, respect, hatred, disgust, etc. only serves to illustrate how finely they have honed their craft! Hats off to all the actors who help to enrich or entertain our lives in one way or another!

Those who might like to see what Jessica Jones is (was) all about can catch it on Netflix or see this trailer. You can also see Mr. Tennant in another, more sinister role.