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wife's pc

Started by sybershot, October 23, 2012, 01:26:56 AM

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wife's cpu fan went in her laptop today. I may have to let her use Trinity or my laptop for a bit. I rather her use the laptop, but I fear she may want to borrow Trinity   :eeeek:  :'(

Any thing to keep the wife Happy though. Though if she chooses Trinity, I'll have to create her a user account  ;D
praying she chooses laptpp.

Edit: wifes laptop only has 1 fan and it is working  :scratch-head: looks like I'll be doing some testing to see why it is shutting down on her.


After I did some cpu, gpu, and memory testing while keeping an eye on temps which all passed, I did a virus scan. It found a virus and got rid of it.  HEUR:Hoax.win32.Arch.SMS.gen was the name of this virus, Did I mention it attempted to reach out and spread to Trinity  :o Trinity of course did not allow it to happen   :yahoo:  :tongue2:
Tested my wifes laptop further throughout the night and all seems well.
looks like wife will not be using my laptop or Trinity after all  :banana: