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Yahoo losing the plot ?

Started by Freddy, September 18, 2010, 16:51:19 PM

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This story came up on our front page at Ai Dreams courtesy of the BBC news feed.  It's about Yahoo wanting to re-imagine itself and to stay relevant.  It got me curious as recently I got fed up with the quality of Yahoo search results and was always getting a second opinion from Google.  After a few months I simply had to concede that Google's results were so much better than Yahoo's, more relevant and got me what I wanted quickly.

So I was just wondering if anyone else had a similar experience with Yahoo ?  I do use it for Mail still as their mail is very good imho and I check out the head lines.  But they are slipping behind it seems.

Anyway I will stop rambling.... here's the article :


Interesting Freddy.

For me it's like this:

Search for something on Google first, if nothing found try Yahoo then Bing. Googles search results always seem to be the best, most relevant but there are occasional times that Yahoo or Bing might have something that Google rejects.

Image searching isn't quite the same both Bing and Yahoo do give slightly better results sometimes for me, I tend to Bing first then Yahoo then Google. 

Over all Google is the boss IMHO, but we still need Yahoo, Bing etc for competition and to push the Internet technology forward. 

This is why I have the search modules on the site, which I personally use every day.

Other than searching though I don't use Yahoo at all but I'm glad they are there. 


Yes I agree, Google is the boss for searches and I also agree that Yahoo does well with images.  I like the way Google displays images now though too.

I have not really used Bing, I will have to give it a try.  Apparently, according to that article Bing has overtaken Yahoo in the search stakes.

You are right though, it is good we have a choice and long may that be the case.  I hope Yahoo recovers.

Does anyone use Alta Vista or Lycos these days I wonder ?