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Youtube Facelift

Started by Data, December 05, 2011, 13:27:16 PM

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I see Youtube has had a facelift, as always I'm not too sure about the changes but I guess we are stuck with it and eventually we will get used to it.


I quite like it.  The expand button is good, not sure if they already had that.


Yeah I think it will grow on me :)

Been looking at the new channel layouts, I guess it's a bit more modern but there aren't many adjustments or appearance tweaks you can make to the new look.


Just found the expand button you were talking about Freddy, I like it, don't think it was there before the facelift either. 


Has anyone else noticed the much longer adverts in front of some vids recently, it plays something like a 20 second ad that you can't skip.

So far every time I've had it I have refused to watch the vid, recommend we all do that, don't bow to Youtube greed  >:D


yes I have noticed it, and do not like it either. They also forced everyone now to use the new layout for there channels, I personally think it looks like sh*t. I liked the other style for we was able to be more creative with the layout. I may look into finding a new video site.


I noticed Youtube has had another facelift, lots of new features and bottoms to click.


Quote from: Data on December 07, 2012, 12:21:37 PM
I noticed Youtube has had another facelift, lots of new features and bottoms to click.

Bottoms to click ? You rude boy !  :o


LOL, one of my better typos  :LOL:


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