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Dark Fractal Backgrounds

Started by Freddy, April 30, 2012, 21:18:47 PM

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So it seemed a good time to change my old background and I found this site and thought some of us here might like the look of them too.  I like darker backgrounds, easier on my eyes...

Attached one as an example...obviously not the full size one but just to give an idea.  You might like the chill out music there too  8)


Those are some nice images, but they're a little too monochrome for my tastes. Perhaps a slight infusion of some reds and greens would be nice. :)
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Nice find Freddy  :thumbsup:
Dave if there is anyone of them you like the design of, I can alter the colors for you.


lol, so could I, Syber. That's not the problem. In fact, I'll take a couple of those and show you what I'm capable of. :P (that DID sound like a challenge, after all! :P)
Safe, Reliable Insanity, Since 1961!


Sorry Dave, it slipped my mind that you are more than capable of doing that  :headbang:
I like good friendly challenges  :cheers: what should the rules be?


Feel up to a bit of Photoshop Tennis? That's always a fun thing to do. :)
Safe, Reliable Insanity, Since 1961!