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Faeries on the lawn again

Started by Freddy, January 29, 2016, 21:17:31 PM

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Freddy, those are simply fantastic! Well done, Mate! :thumbsup:
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If it wasn't for the wings, that kind of give it away, you would be forgiven for thinking these images are real.  8)


Thanks chaps.

Data, yes, I think in that last black and white one she looks more real than any of my other renders.


Hey, Freddy. Every once in a while I will be getting assignments in my Photoshop class where I am to post work from other graphic artists to a blog devoted to the class (you can find it at ), and I was wondering if you had any objections to my posting some of your work, should I get the opportunity. Frankly, I should have thought about it for my last assignment, but... :)
Safe, Reliable Insanity, Since 1961!


I would be honoured Dave, take whatever you want :)

I have a gallery with some of my work in here too :

I had seen your page after you posted it on G+ - you chose some very nice art work there  8)


Thanks. There were a couple of pieces that I had some minor issues with (as you can see from the blog), and my critiquing them wasn't really part of the assignment, but the instructor was very impressed with my choice to do so, and told me that she would probably include requiring such a critique in future assignments. It's nice to not only get a good grade on an assignment, but when the teacher seriously considers expanding future ones based on what was turned is is quite a rush! :)
Safe, Reliable Insanity, Since 1961!


It's a brave thing to critique things, you are more brave than me.  ;D

Here's one where I explained how I did it in Photoshop, if you want something about layers :

Feel free to make suggestions on mine too, my skin is pretty thick !

It sounds like you have a good tutor there :)