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Pre-Christmas Gathering

Started by Duskrider, December 15, 2010, 13:15:08 PM

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We had company last night, sort of a pre-Christmas family gathering.
We had 6 adults and 11 children.

Sandee is so good with children.  
Here's Sandee before they arrive at 7 p.m.

Here's she's saying goodbye as they leave at 2 a.m.  
They were playing cowboys and Indians.
At one point I had to go in and untie her.
They were doing war dance around her as she hung upside down.

Hummm....  would have been a cute pic.
I must remember to have camera handy when they return at Christmas.


This thread gives me the opportunity to use my favourite emoticon...



Last night Sandee :-* showed me her new Santa outfit  :o
and  also gave me her Santa list.
Nice try Sandee :-*,  but Santa's not rich.


I saw Sandee's letter to Santa and told her she asks too much, as he needs to leave room for presents for others.
"He could make a special trip", she said.

So every morning about 5, she runs downstair to check under the tree.
This morning her scream woke me, and yes, Santa had been here.
Here's Sandee with her presents from Santa.