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Some shots of Jess with new Daz Studio renderers

Started by Freddy, August 12, 2015, 21:02:44 PM

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Thanks chaps  :D

It's not as much fun putting clothes on a girl as it is taking them off  ;D

This kind of thing can take a lot of time Carl you are right, it's not for everyone.


  I remember reading about people making avatars ages ago, they would use a big power house  Mac and would say it years to familiarize  yourself with the software.  I get the impression that Haptek has quite a few  special built software packages.  Good luck with you're project, in my eyes Haptek  is behind in some ways but in other ways  Haptek is way ahead.


If anyone is interested I spent this evening sorting out a new theme for my site.

There's now a gallery there if you want to see what I've been up to :


   I'm certainly interested wish I had the time and money to get involved,  I probably said that 7 or more years ago also.  I do like what you're doing, think the listening pic is one of my favorites, kind of like the elf ears, not sure if I'd use them.  I mention this just to get it off my shoulders, I'm not sure what it is but there is something about the avatars, sometimes you look at an avatar and say that is not real, others you can say that looks real. 
   I'm wondering if you have some objective or final goal you're trying to reach or just playing around to see what can be done.  Wish you luck,


The thing about Daz is to be clever with your money. They have regular sales and offers, I usually buy when something is on offer. The other thing is they have this Platinum Club, I think it's $25 a quarter. With that you get another 30% discount on a lot of things. I only keep my Platinum Club active if I am buying things - it pays for itself in no time. I'm not sure how much I spent this month but I reckon I got 50% and more off everything I did buy.

And then you see many cheaper things for a couple of dollars an item, there's hundreds of those. A lot of work goes into these things so I don't mind.

Yeah I was pleased with the listening one, thanks for taking a look. :)

I'm just playing around, but I think I will animate the Elf character to use in Unity and then hopefully find some time to work on my scripting language. The idea eventually is to have a web page where people can talk to the character. It's a while off yet.


Freddy, for what it's worth I like the darker theme of your site  8)


It's worth a lot mate thanks :)

Images like this look better on darker pages I think - it was free too.