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Some shots of Jess with new Daz Studio renderers

Started by Freddy, August 12, 2015, 21:02:44 PM

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Jess is really beginning to look real  :D

Click the images to see full size.

Two renders. The first one is with the new IRay renderer in DAZ - this was rendered in about 6 minutes using just the CPU.

It's quite nice, certainly more realistic than the old Daz renderer.

This second one is using a plugin called Reality. I think I like it the most. The skin tones are very nicely done. You can see on her top to the right that you can see polys, so I will have to figure out what I need to do to smooth that off. You can mess around with focal length and stuff like that.

With this Reality render it just seems to keep on rendering until you decide to stop. So the longer you leave it the better it looks. I stopped it at about 6 minutes to see how the two compare in the same time.

I think her hand looks almost real in this one.

You can use the GPU to assist with the Reality renderer  8)

So I need to somehow get the smoothing of the first one to work in the second one, then she should look cool.


The shading on the skin looks a lot better on the second, they are both excellent but yeah the Reality plug-in is better  8)


Yes things have moved along nicely at Daz.

With this Reality renderer you can use Image Based Lighting (IBL) - which is lighting that is governed by images taken in the real world.

Here's one that uses an IBL image of a warm sky (it's basically a 8K panorama photo).

So first I did a render using the light in the IBL. I made the background transparent and then dropped her into a cropped part of the IBL image.



With the background image there, her left hand is almost 3D now and feels like its coming out the page.


She can stay in her skivvies if it makes her more comfortable; I don't mind. :D :P
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I found some tutorials on YouTube that have helped a lot with understanding Iray.

Here's my latest attempt with another character and a lot more work done on lighting.

I think I am getting there.


The hair seems very realistic in that one, very good mate  :thumbsup:


Thank you  :D

Okay been on this for a few hours now... watching vids and reading up.

This is my best one so far I think. Really pleased with her anyway, amazing what a smile can do :)


I clicked the link and ... bam! big smiling face  :D


Yep big beaming smile that one.  ;D

Last one for tonight. Same pretty girl, different outfit and expression.


You're doing some incredible work, Freddy! Keep it up! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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   The pics look pretty good Freddy, I did a lot of looking around at Daz and pretty much said its to much time and work not to mention the cost.  Wish you luck with your project though.


Nice work right there freddy, keep it up (oh and underwear isn't a problem  ;))
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