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Unreal Engine/Metahuman

Started by Art, June 02, 2021, 13:03:12 PM

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The tech is getting better and better.


It's pretty much there now I think  8)


Quote from: Freddy on June 05, 2021, 13:56:37 PM
It's pretty much there now I think  8)

Yes I agree, we now have the hardware to keep up with the software, the A.I needs to keep improving in both areas.


I'm a bit concerned that this thread might be misleading a little, thread title is "Unreal Engine/Metahuman" but I'm not sure that these GPT-3 videos use the Unreal engine.

Does anyone know what engine is using ? 

For the sake of accuracy maybe we should start a thread of GPT-3 conversations. 


Sorry Data, it seems that I posted the series in the Creativity > Graphics section, to which it clearly belongs IMHO, however you are correct in that it is a bit misleading since I could find no reference to them using the UNREAL Engine. I checked their site, especially their avatars, and could find no mention of the Unreal Engine being used so I must conclude that it is a proprietary system.

Of course, I could have missed it or could be mistaken but I do think that the Avatar + GPT-3 series of posts deserve their own Topic Heading.

This would be in your wheelhouse as they say.

Thanks for your due diligence! :thumbsup:


No problem Art and thanks for looking into the 3D engine, I also couldn't find what engine was being used in the GPT-3 videos.

I have made a new topic for GPT-3 conversations and moved the latest videos into there.

GPT-3 conversations