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Anthony Davidson - Le Mans

Started by DD1975, June 17, 2012, 19:02:05 PM

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Former F1 driver Anthony Davidsons rather nasty accident at the end of the Mulsanne straight in the Le Mans 24 hours today:

Davidson was hospitalised with two fractured vertebrae (T11 & T12)
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I don't really follow  Le Mans, so sorry for this newbi question, which car was Anthony driving the red or the blue? 


Davidson was in the prototype, the blue car, the ferrari was in a different class completely and also a lot slower.

It would appear that the driver of the Ferrari wsn't paying attention to what was going on around him,and was being passed by a much faster car and just turned into him.

This is one of the problems with Le Mans, there are a number of different classes of cars in the race so drivers have to be very aware of what is happening out there
Smoke me a Kipper I'll be back for breakfast - Ace Rimmer