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GYMKHANA, anyone?

Started by DaveMorton, September 07, 2013, 14:59:41 PM

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While checking DD's link in this post, I found this:

Looks like frun! :D
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Fantastic! "Bullit" revisited!!


Wish i could drive like that!!!!

Expensive piece of advertising from DC shoes
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Yeah, that car alone probably cost close to $200K, and I'll bet that the driver pocketed over $50k for his troubles. It's been noted in the past that if full length motion pictures (except for the high-end blockbusters with big names/lots of SFX. or both) cost the same per second that television commercials did, our movie tickets would be 3 times as high. :o
Safe, Reliable Insanity, Since 1961!


I think I could beat him with the 3000GT, what do you guys think  :P
Naaaaa I'm just kidding, that guy driving that car got mad driving skills, and that car is very well built and can take a beating....I want one :D
though I might be able to beat the guy on the Suzuki Rm250  ;)


Good on San Fran for letting DC and Mr Block do that sort of thing.

I want to see the out takes (there were lots of tyre tracks already there). Had me grinning the whole way through.  ;D
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