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Speed Record Set In UK

Started by Diesel, June 26, 2013, 09:00:25 AM

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A new World Speed Record for an Electric Vehicle has been set in the UK. A British built vehicle, using British Engineering and a British Driver, way cool.  :thumbsup:

It WILL be fine !...


Nice and goes to show what the tech is capable of  8)



I like to see development of electric cars moving forward

204 mph is moving forward alright  :D

Way to go Drayson Racing


Way to go, lets hope that this can start filtering down to proper road cars, because until both speed and range is sorted out they will continue to be niche vehicles.
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They beat a 1974 record. That's stood for a while then.

Battery storage is the main problem with weight/range. I hear there is a new lithium-sulphur battery coming out soon. And fuel cells.
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