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Worcester Auto Show

Started by Carl2, July 10, 2012, 12:45:40 PM

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  It's time for the Worcester Auto show again in Worcester, Ma, USA.  My cousin and I got an early preview of the cars ( my cousin is a retired policeman so the police at the gate let us drive through ).  The cars are shown at Greenhill park,  it's like one very large parking lot with cars everywhere.  There was even a car with wooden spoked wheels.  Quite a few are made into hot rods but some are older cars kept in excelent shape.  Quite a few booths for specialty auto parts, hot rod T shirts ect.
  You really don't have to go to the park to see them, just driving down the streets in Worcester you can see some of them.  I'm not sure why but some streets are blocked off for them.  I always think back to the days when I could only see these types of cars in magazines.  I always admire the owners of these cars for keeping them in such good condition.


I'm with you there Carl, I admire the owners of older classic cars, keeping them running and in mint condition, it's got to take a lot of dedication. 

Make the most of it  :thumbsup: 8) 


Dough!!! I missed it :(
Hey you where only about 40min.'s from my house, you should of stopped by. You could of seen 2 more  hotrods a 1997 3000GT getting restored and my wife  :P  her nick name is hotrod, I gave it to her when we first started going out and she beat me at off-roading. That was many moons ago.

Those shows are great and not just time but the money sunk into those vehicles are amazing.


  RI,  I used to live in Bellingham, Ma, right next to the state line.  Visited Wonsocket often, just rembered I worked in Wonsocket, they had a state sales tax long before Ma did.  This is about 35 years ago.
  Worcester has the Hot Rod shows every year about this time at Greenhill Park.  I've lived at various places in Ma but for Hot Rods is the place to be, nothing like it.
  Replacing spark plugs in my 03 Malibu, it takes forever just to get the boot off, probably  the frist time since it was made.  Still have 2 more to do that are against the firewall, I have that and the gas filter to get done before winter.
" 1997 3000GT " my guess is it's a Pontiac, I had a Mercury Cougar 67, small 8,  Really good car, but the new cars have all the power gizmos plus the computer controls everything and tells you if something is wrong like the gas cap is loose, just happened,  Spark plug 3 is misfiring, happened to my cousin.


Quote" 1997 3000GT " my guess is it's a Pontiac,
Mopar not Pontiac.....1997 Mitsubishi 3000GT, Mitsubishi and Chrysler merged and built the Chrysler 3000 engine and a car. The engine came in 3 variants "single over head cam"," Dual over head cam", and "Twin Turbo Dual over head cam(which came with all wheel drive)" Chrysler's car was known as the "Dodge stealth" and Mitsubishi had the "3000GT". The one I have is rare for it has the black on black interior and red body, it is 5 speed standard tranny not automatic, and has the dual over head cams engine, none turbo model.

QuoteReplacing spark plugs in my 03 Malibu, it takes forever just to get the boot off, probably  the frist time since it was made.
Sorry to hear that, I know the feeling well.  On the 3000GT in order to change the left bank of spark plugs you have to remove the intake manifold, a real pin in the rear.

My first car was a Pontiac a 81 Pontiac firebird with v8 suspension but 6cyl. engine :)

I live not too far from Woonsocket, they have some good smaller car shows there every week in the summer.
I like going to Mass and new Hampshire for the bigger car shows though. My Faviorite older HotRod is a 69 Plymouth barracuda with a hemi 440 sixpack [wipes drool]


My big bro was a member of the Sussex American Car club, although he didn't actually own one himself.

I did try my best to talk him into buying a 440 dodge charger with a nicely chromed up engine that was for sale at a show we went to together once though  8)

You should have seen the insurance quote he got  :o

I've attached a picture form the show so you can see they typews of motor we get to see in the UK
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