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Ex Machina

Started by sybershot, April 27, 2015, 01:51:02 AM

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now this looks like a must watch

I saw Ex Machina in the matinée, which means going to the movies in the morning for half off the ticket price.   Ate breakfast at McDonalds with some fresh coffee.  So for the morning show, I was fully rested and wide awake in the theater.  Going to a matinée is a fun option.

No spoilers here... But I really enjoyed this movie a lot.   You may not be able to judge from the trailer, due to the low res web video format, but this movie had dazzling special effects.  It was visually appealing.  The writing is quite good too.  Ex Machina has all the ingredients of a really nice A.I. movie.

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Ok, that was creepy. :o

But I think I'll have to break out the emergency cash stash when it comes out. :D :P
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I had to change the video Syber posted, it had been taken down for some reason.

Yup does look good, one to acquire me thinks  :)


Me love Sci Fi.
Me want BD

Looks good, will keep an eye out.
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This is on Amazon Instant video at the moment I think, keep meaning to watch it.


I just checked my Amazon account, and here in the US, Ex Machina is still in "Preorder" status, with no streaming options. :( I'll keep looking though. :)
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Oh sorry Dave, I checked and realised I was thinking of The Machine...

Ex Machina is not out here yet either.


okay Syber is a bit jealous of 8pla at the moment, Thanks 8pla for the details without spoiling the movie 2x  :thumbsup:

Thanks Data not sure why they took down the link, was the movies webpage youtube link I had posted  :scratch-head:

Sorry I might have caused you to spend money soon Dave

Ex Machina may be the BEST A.I. movie I have ever seen,

at least in one regard.  I really hope they make a few sequels of this one.

The only regret I have is that I didn't stay to see it twice in the theater.
My Very Enormous Monster Just Stopped Using Nine