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Started by Data, November 14, 2014, 22:09:17 PM

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Picked up the blu ray of Gravity for £10, will watch it over the weekend. Im expecting some nice special effects.


It's a good film that got most of the physics right. Could've been a great film though.

I have BD of The Hobbit part 2. Have you seen part 1?
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Ralph Waldo Emerson


I watched it last night, yes amazing special effects, not much of a story, interesting that it was a Russian rocket that caused the incident, it couldn't have possibly be anyone else now could it.  :scratch-head:

@ Snowy
No I haven't seen any of The Hobbit films and if I'm honest I don't really want to after having to read the story at school. Not really my cup of tea but thanks for the kind offer  :thumbsup: