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What was THAT movie?

Started by Art, July 15, 2012, 23:56:54 PM

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Might make for a good topic heading. You know, when you've seen a movie some while back (or like me, yesterday), and simply can't recall the name of it.

Give a fairly brief description of the movie naming any particular actors is possible...just the gist.

Saw the one with a family (dysfunctional as they might seem) who inherits a wonder mansion. Within the house there are walls of huge glass panels each with some kind of inscription in what looked like Latin or some such. The house was probably one of the first "smart" homes as the panels could slide about creating new accesses and blocking previous ones.

At first they were amused but later found it to be...well...Haunted is somewhat of an understatment as things unfolded!!
The guy who played Shaggy in the Scooby Doo movie played in it. (No...I did NOT see Scooby Doo...thank you very much!).

Any takers? :scratch-head: TIA.


Mrs Data thinks the film you have described is Thirteen Ghosts

We haven't seen it but it does sound interesting.

A topic that should come in handy from time to time :thumbsup:


Cool! Give Mrs. Data a big hug from me!! Thank you very much!!
See? This topic does work!!(especially for us brain-addled seniors)!! Heh!!

Good job Mrs. D!! :thumbsup: