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"Real" holograms or something like that...

Started by Art, October 25, 2021, 02:18:32 AM

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They call it a "Solid Light" object which appears in 3D space, without the need for special viewing optics, lenses or goggles.

Holograms have been around for decades but they have mainly been pretty tiny and mostly static images.

This seems to be something different...skeptical though I might be.


This does seem to be a real step forward in hologram technology.

Not sure I fully understand how it's been done after watching the video but it's interesting.

Now I want to see one in real life  8) 

Good find Art  :thumbsup:


It was an interesting video  8)

Hard to tell how convincing it is though. I imagine it's like what I saw using Oculus, which was pretty much like seeing something in real life.

Nice discovery old chap  :thumbsup: