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DNA Database

Started by Snowcrash, October 02, 2021, 10:50:57 AM

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Found this and thought the brave new world is here. It is very USA centric but I'm sure all other countries are having similar databases. What about the ones you wouldn't trust?

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I found it interesting that in the UK, one person will (on average) have 175 Second Cousins!

I'd bet that the average person there might only know of less than 5 Second Cousins, unless from a very large family.

Remember, if your mom or dad had brothers or sisters, then the children of them are only your First Cousins, Once Removed. Your first cousins' childrens' child would be your Second Cousin.

Therefore, not too many I would imagine.

Very nice video Snowy. Veritasium always produces quality, educational and informative videos, IMHO.


  There was some talk years ago that DNA results could be used by health insurance companies to increase your rates or not allow you buy their policy because of health related problems you may have.
The large majority of people did not want this, this was briefly mentioned in the video.