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Google Gadgets on Google Sites.

Started by, May 16, 2015, 23:46:52 PM

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Normally, I reserve chatbot content for AiDreams, but I'll make an exception because this is far from successfully completing any chatbot training.  In fact, it hasn't even started any A.I. training at all yet because it is just an interface design.  So, in the early prototypical stages, I'll post it here under Google Gadgets running on Google Sites.

Developing Google Gadgets is fun.  However, exploring development using open source formats such as OGG audio may take time and patience.  It does not feel straightforward, but the results are beginning to become interesting, I think.

Hopefully, Google Gadgets are a good way to extend a free Google Sites website.  Please give me some feedback.  If the Google Gadgets work for you, please let me know which web browser, etc.  You can get to the sample page at: which redirects to ... These URLs are to a 100% free research site with no advertisements.  And the Google Gadgets are about 24 hours old.  So, this is mostly fresh, new content.

Again, the focus is not on A.I. or chatbots... It is on Google Gadgets, and seeing how they might be used to explore support for A.I. designs in the future.   This interface design parses user input, analyzes the percentage of words it understands and makes a unique keyword decision.  So it hasn't crossed the threshold of A.I. yet.

Thank you.
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I like the image  :thumbsup: :thumbsup: I watched the video, however I think it needs a little work mate: maybe get rid of some of the silence and add more content to the message perhaps me thinks  :scratch-head:

I typed in the search field:

not sure if it was of any help though, sorry time is running short tonight.


Seems to work in IE ok, some content is going off page and not fully displaying but functions correctly.

Hope that helps  :)