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Human Consciousness

Started by Data, November 25, 2014, 13:45:16 PM

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This video tries to explain some of the more strange things that can happen in our lives but does it in a scientific way, it's a very long video but see how you get on.


I didn't make it 6 minutes, I'm afraid. The 2 main reasons were about half and half video quality and video content.
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Something we can take from this video would be:

The human body emits electronic impulses, science has proved that, it is a fact.

The brain works on electric energy, fact. 

The human body can and does work as an antenna, fact.

Information can be sent through electro magnetic waves, fact.   

Now consider being asleep with all your senses turned off, your brain is still working and listening to electronic signals  but now it has less to interpret, it doesn't have to take in all the everyday mundane stuff from our senses but now it has a chance to pick up other signals.

Now add a touch of quantum physics to the mix and a whole can of worms opens up, time and space alter.  Messages could be sent over vast distances and from any time.

Not mystical just a theory. 

What is "thought" and could those thoughts be transmitted, can science build a machine that can interpret those thoughts.

I'm not sure but I think there is the makings of a good film there  ;D


I don't know about the movie bit, but that could go a long way toward explaining your F1/Hamilton dream, and Mari's air disaster dreams. Perhaps quantum entanglement transcends time, as well as space, since they're two sides of the came "coin". :)
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