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Is this a talking whale?

Started by Data, October 22, 2012, 17:53:36 PM

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This came up on the science news feed, a whale that makes the same type of sounds as a human talking.

Make sure to listen to the recording on the page the link takes you to.


Bizarre, I had the mental image of Mario singing in the shower  :LOL:


Sounds like a baby's burbling speech to me.
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Ralph Waldo Emerson


Oddly enough, it reminded me of s Bob Dylan song. :P
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Not exactly a Whale this time but still a Mammal.

To be truthful, if it isn't English it all sounds Greek or Korean to me anyway.     
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Couldn't really make out any sounds to be honest, but I don't doubt that elephants are very smart creatures - they can recognise their own reflection in a mirror.


Very inteligent I'm told. That reminds me of a joke.

A Guy is running for his life, completely naked, through the Jungle when he comes across an enormous Bull Elephant. Frozen to the spot with total fear the Guy stops, the Bull Elephant eye's the man and says, "How do you feed yourself with that".  ::)
It WILL be fine !...