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Started by Art, July 21, 2022, 14:21:16 PM

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Nuclear Diamond Battery is going to revolutionize the battery industry as well as the electronic manufacturing industry.


That's very cool - it kills two birds with one stone if it uses up nuclear waste.

I was a bit irked by them using footage of cut jewellery diamonds in their video though - seems a bit off to me. Especially at 6:26 where they were talking about naturally found diamonds - they showed a cut diamond that was a little bit wet!  :LOL:

Great find though Art, I will keep an eye out for this. It would mean the end of charging phones etc - I wonder, if they can power a car, then we could take a lot of things off the mains. The video was a bit sketchy though, but they did say the developers were holding back information for now.


It sounds too good to be true  :scratch-head:

Never need to charge the battery and it could last for over 1000 years.

I want to believe.

I wonder how much power each cell could make, could they make enough combined to power a car.

How safe is it to use nuclear waste.

Lots of  questions, one to keep an eye on, it "could" be the holy grail of battery tech.

Nice find Art  :thumbsup: