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Quantum Energy

Started by Data, October 05, 2015, 11:21:13 AM

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Self Running 40kW 40,000 Watt Fuelless Generator

Art posted this over on A.I Dreams

Is this for real  :scratch-head:

If it is then all our power requirements and problems are solved.

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Part of me wants for this to be true, but I just can't do so from that video. There are too many "holes" in the presentation to take on faith. For example, the area behind that bank of lights is completely obscured, and that leads me to wonder if there isn't a second power cord back there that's perhaps controlled by a relay, or some other device. Secondly, none of the light bulbs are connected prior to starting up the "generator", so it's impossible to verify that the generator is the source of power. I could go on, but I think that my point is made. I'm not saying that this isn't possible, mind... I'm just saying that a LOT more variables need to be resolved for me to be convinced.
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Dave, you said exactly what I was thinking, I so want it to be real but it might just be a clever fake.

I noticed the video was posted a few years ago ( Jul 2012 ) but this is the first time I have heard of it, can't help thinking if it was real then it would be all over the news by now.

Or maybe the power and oil companies are doing their best to silence the technology.

I live in hope but have doubts  :good-bad:


My Dad used to tell me a story about how he had this beat up old jalopy (all I remember of the type was that it was a Ford) that he claimed got phenomenal fuel mileage (somewhere in the area of over 150 miles per gallon). Naturally, he had bragged about it to his buddies, and had to prove his claims, which he did. One day, some men in suits came by the shop he was working at, and they asked about the car, and Dad (foolishly, IMHO) answered their questions about it. They then offered him a ridiculous sum ($1,000.00) just to "check under the hood, to investigate". As this was in the later half of the 1940's, and the country was still recovering from WWII, money was still rather scarce in upstate New York, where he lived, my Dad took the money and let them tinker with the car. Needless to say, the car never ran as well, nor got such good mileage ever again. He never asked the men who they worked for, though he suspected (as I do) that they were either sent by Ford, or the US Government to verify a rumor and, if true (and I think it was), "deal with it".

Now my Dad was the type of man who would "tell a story" just to entertain, with little to no regard to being truthful, and he's told many such "creative fibs" over the years, but this story I tend to believe, mainly because when he told made-up stories, some details would change. This particular one I've heard many times, and he never once changed the details, which means it was either true, or he had rehearsed the story so many times that he could have told it in his sleep, and while the story was good, it wasn't so good as to warrant that sort of commitment in time, and he didn't tell that one as much as he did others (remind me to tell the story of the giant box kite, the rowboat and lake Erie some day :P).
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  I'll just say at this time I am very skeptical since it goes against everything I was taught. I also think it is a misuse of the term quantum and the term over unity is new to me.


Seen this tried many times. It is pure engineering and nothing to do with quantum. For unity gain read perpetual motion or getting more out than you put in. Get your head around Newton's 2nd law of thermodynamics and you'll know why this just isn't true. It's the LAW.

Back of the ciggie box calculations. He states 7.4 amp volts (not sure what they are). Assuming 7.4A at 110V (this is your voltage in the USA?) gives 0.814kW or at 240V 1.776kW. There are 15 bulbs, at 100W each gives 1.5kW load or at 60W gives 0.9kW load. The generator has inherent torque when spinning (mechanical capacitor) and there is a bank of capacitors on the output. All seems about right to me.

Measure direct Watts in (inc. fluctuation and start up) and direct Watts out and I reckon they'll be equal-ish plus losses due to friction.

Seen some very interesting extra mileage in cars using electrolysis to create hydrogen and oxygen and put them into the intake. Not sure about safety issues.
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Ralph Waldo Emerson


In the videos description it mentions a quantum field.

QuoteLonger (FULL VIDEO) and more detailed 2.3kW demonstration of the 40kW WITTS Fuelless Generator. This device, once started, requires no input of fuel whatsoever and derives it's power from the quantum field.

Think I will remain open minded for now, I have serious doubt though.

It is true that scientists and physicists are still trying to understand the universe we live in, we "the human race" don't have all the answers yet. Sir Isaac Newton discovered gravity but we still don't understand its basic causes.

For me the questions remain - what is a "quantum field" and can it be used in a device such as in the video.


Newton only discovered the formula that described gravity in an idealised frame (non relativistic).
Einstein's formulas encompassed Newton's and went further to describe gravity as it is found everywhere.
100 years on and no observation has disproved Einstein. All agree to a very high accuracy that Einstein's formulas are correct. Any new formulas must encompass Einstein and go further. The only thing I know that is still unproven is gravity waves mainly because we can't detect them yet.
QuoteMass tells space how to curve, space tells mass how to move.

As far as I can tell, most of these mechanical, unity gain, devices seem to miss the kinetic energy present in a spinning mass. They do not take into account the energy required to spin the mass up. The nearest I can see as practical tech is flywheel generation.
"I cannot remember the books I've read any more than the meals I have eaten; even so, they have made me."

Ralph Waldo Emerson


After weighing up the evidence and lack of evidence in the video I think it's right to say the video is a fake.


The discussion has been an enjoyable and educational experience if nothing else  :)


This is going slightly off topic but as we have mentioned it in this thread I will just post this.

Quote from: Snowcrash on October 10, 2015, 08:46:30 AM
The only thing I know that is still unproven is gravity waves mainly because we can't detect them yet.

I agree with your premise there Snowy but before we think we know it all check this out.

Seven things that don't make sense about gravity


Have to log on to read it all  :(

The graviton is not proven. Quantum gravity theory does not exist but we know what it can't be. Gravity waves have not been detected but all evidence points towards them being there.

We can still calculate what will happen to space probes under various gravity fields to a very fine degree. Being fired off of a moving body to fly past other moving bodies to accelerate and reach billions of miles and photo other moving bodies.
"I cannot remember the books I've read any more than the meals I have eaten; even so, they have made me."

Ralph Waldo Emerson