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Quantum Levitation

Started by Freddy, October 19, 2011, 15:31:11 PM

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There are some places here in the USA that sell Neodymium magnets, but not before a waiver is signed. :) Those things can crush your fingers into past if you're not careful. O.O

And on the subject of magnets:

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  Thought that was great,  realizing again how much I didn't know.  I did hear about the rare earth magnets, may even have bought one at Radio Shack.  I tried to get more info on magnets, lots at wikidictionary,  actually to much to sink in. 
  Clear, well never mind.  at 3:35  Even better explination.


Good and educational video there Dave, thanks for posting.

And agree with Carl, there is always something new to learn, probably the best thing about the Internet.

Nothing can stop us now  :)