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Reducing Energy Costs

Started by Data, February 18, 2019, 10:44:45 AM

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Just some tips that we can take to reduce the price of our bills, some well known but other not so. This is a case of every little helps, come the end of the year you will have saved money. I've done these and they do work  :)

:tick: Light bulbs, OK we should all know about this one already, LED are the most efficient and cheapest to run.

:tick: Fridge/Freezers they are on all the time, modern units take considerably less power to run.

:tick: TV backlight, by turning down the backlight brightness on your TV you can half it's power consumption, I dropped my TV power consumption from 90 to 40 watts.  ( only works with LED and some florescent TV's, look in your TV's menu for backlight brightness setting ).

:tick: Washing machines, some cheaper machines take considerably more power than others, when buying a new machine seriously look at its efficiency rating.

:tick: Boiling the kettle, kettles take a lot of power, only fill it to the level of water you need.

I have others but that will do for now.

Please feel free to add any more tips that you have found and put a tick in front of your tip.


Very good idea for a thread  :thumbsup:

I'll swap to LED as mine go for lights.

I might be picking up a new washing machine in a month or two, so will check the energy rating.

The kettle thing I already do.

:tick: Only one to add at the moment and that is is to have a shower instead of a bath. Saves water and heating. I now have a shower, which is one of the reasons I chose this bungalow  8)


That's a good one Freddy  :thumbsup:

:tick: The laundry, get the right detergent then you can wash your clothes at 30ºC.


 :tick: Solar power, use it where you can, many outside light are solar these days, security lights, garden lights, standard outside lights.


 :tick: Home insulation, Loft insulation including the loft hatch, cavity wall insulation, double glazing, draft excluders, shutting the curtains. 


 :tick: Don't leave things on standby - switch them of at the wall, the PC is particularly bad at this, putting it to sleep can still use the same amount of power as 5 to 6 LED light bulbs. 


I have my PC and peripherals all going to one surge protector, so now I can turn them all off at night  :thumbsup:


Quote from: Freddy on February 23, 2019, 11:49:21 AM
I have my PC and peripherals all going to one surge protector, so now I can turn them all off at night  :thumbsup:

That's a good way of doing it Freddy, I have the same kind of thing here  8)