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RF Safe STop

Started by DD1975, December 03, 2013, 14:21:09 PM

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British company pioneers a new method of stopping vehicles:
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That should stop joy riders, I like it  :thumbsup:



Safer than a Stinger too
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I've seen similar tech (purely fictional, though) used in several movies, and always found it intriguing, but doubted it's "real life" applications. Seems I was wrong. :) That said, though, I have my doubts as to the safety of pacemakers within an EM field that can disable a vehicle at 50 meters. At that range, the amount of power required to generate a sufficiently high voltage to "confuse" a vehicle's computer, even if tightly focused, is still at or above (and possibly factors of ten above) the thousand watt range, and no amount of shielding that a pacemaker has will completely negate that. At the very least, the pacemaker is quite likely to get uncomfortably (or even painfully/damagingly) hot. I don't think I'd fancy that sort of "warm feeling" :o :P
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The only similar tech I've seen is EMP. Non lethal my butt. Less lethal maybe. Car electronics are very shielded and hardened. Military more so but cars aren't far off.

Is this why that helicopter crashed in Scotland? Police testing this tech had an own goal.
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