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The Most Human AI...

Started by Art, April 22, 2021, 19:08:14 PM

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Scroll down to the section Watch Amelia Work, then watch the short video. Impressive to say the least!

It would be great if the company would adapt or allow it to be used as a conversational being for the Elderly, lonely (for whatever reason, death, divorce, etc.) someone needing someone to talk to or to assist with everyday tasks like ordering food or supplies, handling banking (checking/savings) information. Home security applications and many other areas could be handled by using Amelia.

20% of the US is age 65 and over and nearly that for the UK so the need is there. Many people would rather discuss private parts of their lives with a Non-human entity so as not to be judged.

The opportunities and applications are endless for an application like Amelia.

If it could be available for a modest cost and for tight concern for customer privacy and security without their Cloud Servers getting all ones personal information. Otherwise, what's the point!

Anyhow, give a look at Amelia.

Yes, she has been out for a while but she has gotten so much better!! She has been learning!!


Yes, Amelia is impressive.

Quote from: Art on April 22, 2021, 19:08:14 PM
It would be great if the company would adapt or allow it to be used as a conversational being for the Elderly ...

Absolutely, that sounds like is a nice idea to me, I guess it all boils down to profit making.


I really don't like all the robots in use today, I get robot calls on the phone, websites that use robots where you never get an answer to what you called about. I really like the GPT 3 and think it could provide useful info if programed correctly.