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Virgin Media hit 1.5Gb/s

Started by Data, July 26, 2011, 12:54:54 PM

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As if we didn't need any more proof that Virgin Media is right at the cutting edge of internet connection speed, now they have successfully reached a new high of 240 times faster than the British average, reaching an eye opening 1.5Gb/s (gigabits per second).

I can remember when they were testing much slower speeds and once the test was successful it didn't take that long for it to reach their customers.

Good on ya Virgin, keep pushing BT into oblivion  ;D 

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Bring it on, oh yes. Ooop's, might need an up grade.  :scratch-head:

Data, are you there?. :confused: :computer-crash:
It WILL be fine !...


Much as I like to slag of BT, they do have one major thing going for them over Virgin.

They give a service to everybody, inc the un- or less profitable places. I would love to get Virgin but there is none to this building and Virgin wont put their cables in.

It comes down to no one wants to be a bit pipe, they want to sell premium services (TV and the like) and only put the cables in to do this. Who's going to pay for the bit pipe to everyone inc the people in the sticks with dial up speeds?
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