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Hello and Welcome

Started by Data, March 25, 2010, 20:14:05 PM

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Hello, everyone :)

Very nice-looking forum, Datahopa!

I'm Zaphod from the Zabaware Forums - Next to no one will know me as I'm not that vocal.

Been into computers since 1984 (Timex Sinclair), been building/repairing them since 1986.

Fascinated with A.I. and a huge fan of Ultra Hal.

Also play the whole series of GTA games ;-)

Dat's about it.
I'm the only person I know whose Imaginary Friend committed Suicide...


Thanks for your kind words Zaphod, It would seem that we have quite a lot in common so you should fit in here very nicely.

Welcome aboard  ;)


Hi Zaphop, nice to see you here.  You should fit right in  :D


Hi Zaphod, another HHGTTG fan. Excellent!

My other alter ego is Agrajag.

Sci Fi nut? Or just the comedy bits?
"I cannot remember the books I've read any more than the meals I have eaten; even so, they have made me."

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Hello everyone, my name is Donald also known as Sybershot.
I'm from the Zabaware forums, I'm into boats ,flash animated web design, Digital designs, Computers, Ai especially Ultra Hal, New tech, Some games(c&c and WoW mostly) and anything else that is High tech, Fast or Powerful.

Thanks Datahopa for welcoming me to share my Ultra Hal GUI skins. I hope you all enjoy them. and expect more to come.

Very impressive site by the way, I love the layout and color scheme 8)


Good to see you here Sybershot, please feel free to use the site as you see fit and join in the chat.

Im glad you like the color scheme and layout of it, it was an attempt to make a site easy on the eyes.

And thanks for up-loading your skins, they are cool.  8)


Thanks for the warm welcome, and your welcome for the skins. Anyone can feel free to alter them as they see fit ,and any altered skin does not have to give me credit, no matter how minute the change is.



Spooner here, another chap from Brighton.  Big gamer, starting in 1980 with an Atari VCS which my dad bought for me in Beatties at the Clock Tower (if you Brighton lot remember) - I got Centipede and Battlezone with it.  My fav ever game on it was Star Raiders, which came with its own keypad controller.

I then moved on to an Atari 800XL computer which was an ok thing.  My fav game on that was a cartridge game called Super Cobra (an arcade port.)

From there I went on to the famous Commodore 64, which had too many games to have a favourite.  At school though, in computer club, we were running BBC B's, and playing an awful lot of Elite (no introductions needed!)  A lot of friends were running ZX Spectrums, and notable mentions go to Knight Lore, Schooldaze and Jetpac.  Knight Lore has been recently remade for the PC platform, check it out and download it here.

The Commodore Amiga was next up, and for me was the first home computer with decent sound and graphics.  I had an A500, with a 1Mb expansion board, settling on my desk in 1990.  There were hundreds of great games out for the amiga over the years, my favourites being Carrier Command, Frontier Elite II, Shadow of the Beast, Nitro, Rick Dangerous and the Lotus Turbo Challenges.  I still occasionally play the Amiga Classics, because back in 1997, I found out about PC Emulation and the first machine that I got an emulator for was the Amiga.  A project called UAE (now WinUAE) was released, and I managed to download pretty much every single Amiga game released (last count I had about 600 game disc image files) - Sadly, those old sites that hosted the disc images have long been shut down due to legality.

In 1994, a friend had a 486 DX2 66 and showed me a few games, notably Doom, X-Wing, and Dark Forces.  In late 1994, I took the plunge and bought myself a Pentium 100 with a massive 8Mb Ram, a 1Gb Drive, 14" SVGA monitor, a 1Mb ATI PCI VGA card (which was pretty hardcore back then,) and the best soundcard out at the time - A Soundblaster AWE32.  It came with DOS 6.22 and Windows 3.11, but I also had the upgrade CD for Windows 95.  PC's have remained with me ever since.  My current turbo nutter bastard is an i7 920, 12Gb Ram, Velocoraptor HD, and 2xGTX285's in SLI.  Its about a year old now, and I guess I should upgrade, but none of the new GFX cards or CPU's will make that much of a big change, so i'll probably leave it a bit longer.

Fav PC games over the years have been the early Star Wars games (X-Wing, Tie Fighter, Dark Forces, Supremacy etc,) the Unreal Tournament series, Quake's, Half Life's, and Total Annihilation and its sequel Supreme Commander.  There are loads more, but they remain the top of my list.

I also have an xbox360, a PS3 and a wii, with the 360 being my favourite of the current gen.

Enough rambling anyway.  You can blame Snowcrash for pointing me this way...


You certainly have a background with computers spooner, you should fit in just right here. I enjoyed reading your post it reminded me of all the old computer games I used to play and then some.

Your PC is a monster, if you have windows 7 could you post your WEI in this thread:,16.0.html

Would like to see your scores.

Thanks for joining and don't be shy, join in the banter ;D


Yeah that's a beast of a machine you have there.

It was the same for me reading your post, I knew a lot of those games and followed almost the same path in home computing.  We used to play Elite a lot at my sixth form college too and the computer room was always the warmest place in the old building.  What a classic Elite was though, it came out for the ZX Spectrum too but somehow it wasn't quite the same.

My brother had an Amiga so I remember how good they were, nice tunes too.  Do you remember that animation of the juggler that everyone raved about ?  I got myself an ST instead and that was pretty good, I remember they were used a lot by bands.

I never went down the XBox route but have played on them and they were nice, especially things like Halo.  I stopped getting consoles at the PS2, which I still play on sometimes.

Cool to see Knight Lore has been revamped :)

Welcome :D


Hi there Spooner me old mucker  :P

Good opening post. played a few things on the Amiga (only borrowed one) was thinking of putting them in other posts /sections.
And I've seen your rig and know it's a monster. D'u still have that V8 heatsink thing and does the side door close?

See you around the forum.
"I cannot remember the books I've read any more than the meals I have eaten; even so, they have made me."

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Hi there. I'm Tim and after some armbending by Snowcrash, I thought I'd finally get my first post down, I was so keen to placate him that I'm writing this on my iPod Touch (a task that is tricky at the best of times) so please forgive any grammatical or spelling errors, not sure I can use spellcheck on my ithingy.
I'm into most things geeky but have to admit to not knowing very much about computers but I'm always willing to take on challenges and learning to keep the dreaded Wndows from crashing completely. My gaming has always been of the console variety and was a pretty hardcore gamer when the original Playstation came out, never been a PC gamer.

Big big Star Trek fan and my moniker of "Trekkygeek" is what I go by on tinternet. I love the internet and everything it has to offer, both good and bad, and I think the Internet is one of the greatest inventions of our generation.

I'm also into the world of Podcasting in a big way and spend pretty much every working day listening to the likes of Leo Laporte, John C Dvorak, lots of geeky stuff and my favourite guilty pleasure Adam Curry.

I also produce my own Podcast "Appytimes", a weekly show all about iPod Touch/iPhone (or as I like to call them "The ithingy", and I am currently working on the 50th show. I had recently become a little jaded with the show (despite the good listening figures) and was about to pack it when I decided a co-host was needed. Along came a mate called Brad and with his skills in editing and awesome mixers, I am beginning to love doing it again.

So that's about it for now. I'm sure I'll think of something else to bore you with. I mean, I work with Snowcrash and I reckon I can bore him at ten paces.


Oh By the way, when I said Appytimes was about the ithingy, I meant the apps and not the hardware, hence the name APPYtimes. *facepalm*


I thought you were never gonna post.  :P  :o

Good to see ya, look forward to a chat.
"I cannot remember the books I've read any more than the meals I have eaten; even so, they have made me."

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Hi Trekkygeek,  and thanks for posting.

Snowy told me he was badgering you to post, so you finally caved in to his demands, LOL.

There's no pressure to post here, you do what you want when you want.

Don't worry about grammatical or spelling errors, the best of them out there make them, and I wont notice  :D

Another trecky, I have all the original series and the next generation in my video collection and the films on DVD, you are not alone. 

Welcome to our little bit of the internet  :)