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Hello and Welcome

Started by Data, March 25, 2010, 20:14:05 PM

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Quote from: DemonRaven on December 09, 2014, 20:56:46 PM
Hi I am new to the forum not new to AI.  I have been around the community for awhile now.  I used to have a website called chatbotfriends which you can still find but I have to redo it on a new server and update it.  My main bots were hosted at the personality forge.  They are The Fairy Princess and cheerynot.

Hi DemonRaven and welcome to our site.

Most of us here have dabbled with chat bots and Ai but we use this site mainly for off topic subjects and a bit of fun, of course we can also chat about Ai as well.

Thanks for giving us a bit of your background, it all helps.  :)





Fantastic to have our good friend Art back  


Art I have restored all your site privileges but I still need to link your old account with the new, I've not done it before so give me a while.

In the meantime please don't make any posts just yet.


OK, I "think" I have restored Arts account.

Art when you can make a post  :thumbsup: