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Hello I am Evan

Started by EvanD, July 03, 2012, 15:20:41 PM

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I am Evan
I am going to post story, video, picture
I am not post any spammy
I want to be a friend all of you

Thank you


Hello Even and welcome to the site.

Yes, please do not post any spam, as a community we do not allow it.

Obviously, from your comment above, English is not your first language, would you like to tell us where you are from?


Welcome aboard Evan, please do tell us a bit more about yourself  :thumbsup:
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Hey there, Evan, and welcome! :)

I'm Dave (well, one "incarnation" of Dave, at least), and I hail from the western US. There are "two" of me here, mainly because I keep in touch with the forums, and test various things around here, from two separate computers at the same (or nearly the same) time. So when you see either GCCDave, or DaveMorton, that's me. :D

Oh, and like DD said, we'd love to hear more about you. ;)
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