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Hello To Everyone

Started by Randy, April 01, 2012, 21:11:23 PM

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I'm new here although I've been around some in other A. I.  forums.  I'm working off and on with a project I call A. L. E. X. I. S.  (Artificial Learning Experimental Intelligence System) I've been writing it painstakingly on weekends as time permits.  I do have a full time job which keeps me otherwise occupied.

Anyway, I'm researching as usual when I came across this site.  Haptek is getting a bit long in the tooth but it is what I started with about three or four years ago after abandoning MS Agent.  I'll need something again for an avatar but right now, just getting everything to run on my newest computer, six cores, eight gigs of RAM, 64 bit processor. . .  and a few headaches to go along with it.  But such is the life of a computer programmer / system engineer / digit head / you get the point.   ;D



Hi there Randy and thanks for the quick description of yourself and interests. 

We have a few likeminded members here interested in Ai in varying degrees, but it would be fair to say its not the only thing we talk about on the site, it sure has grown over the years.   

So feel free to browse it over, jump in to any of the topics or start your own.

And Welcome  :)


Hello and welcome, Randy! Glad you dropped in!

I just attended the Chatbots 3.2 conference in Philadelphia, PA yesterday, and had a great discussion with both Chris Shaw of Haptek and Robert Medeksza of Zabaware (among others), and I heard Chris' wonderful presentation on the past, present and future of Haptek, and I have to say that I'm looking forward to great things there. Robert also gave me a few pointers that I had been unaware of for working around the problem with Haptek and Ultra Hal not playing well with multi-threading/multi-core systems, so I'm going to give each a closer look once I get home in a few days. :)
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Hi Randy. I'm the BLACK SHEEP of the Datahopa Family, I know Jack about computers, programming, coding or why they do what they do.  :computer-crash: I try very hard to keep it that way, but, Data won't let me.  :'(

I'm sure you will find all sorts of stuff here to keep you entertained and to finish in the words of someone who's name I can't remember, "Hello, Good Evening and Welcome".  :D
It WILL be fine !...


Hi Randy, welcome to the site.

Like Diesel I know very little about computers in fact it might be fair to say my approach to computers can be summed up as follows:

"If you doubt it clout it.........the bigger the doubt the bigger the clout"  :computer-crash:

Enjkoy the site, look forward to your future contributions  :thumbsup:

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Wow, thanks everyone!

Data, I enjoy the sciences and the beauty of chaos in the cosmos is one of the reasons.  I noticed you have a lot about that kind of thing and it was a welcome sight.  I downloaded the picture of Mars to put on my laptop.  Right now I have one of Saturn taken by the Cassini craft sometime back upon approach.

As far as knowing anything about computers or not knowing as the case may be for two of our distinguished colleagues (Black Sheep and DD1975), there is nothing wrong with that.  I've found that computer programming makes one insane, or is it that one must be insane to program, or maybe it's. . .  who knows? :scratch-head: So I've digressed into meaningless babble and will move on.

SyberShot, I plan to look around and see what mischief I can get into, I mean, um, er, ah, what assistance I might be.   ::)