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8GB+ Graphics Cards

Started by Freddy, July 04, 2015, 13:26:17 PM

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Well I think your heart is set on it so I'm not going to argue with you.  ;D

Wouldn't be my choice to be honest, I am a bit concerned about NVidia and DX12 atm, the way that AMD cards habdel DX12 is better. I'm saying this as a last chance to change your mind and hold fire a while.

Did you watch the DX12 videos I posted ? really you should, Nvidia getting HBM soon and AMD taking the lead in DX12.


Yeah I did, but AMD is no good to me unfortunately.

It's early days with DX12, I'm sure nVidia will sort it out.

As for HBM, that's fine but it will still cost a lot of wedge.


Then go for it mate, hopefully NVidia can sort out their problem with DX 12   :fingers-crossed:


Thanks for the concern :)

For current games and a while yet just one of them is going to be enough for me.

From what I just read the nVidia Pascal cards won't be around till mid 2016 - it's a bit sketchy and based on rumours though. I think we would have read something from nVidia by now if they were going to be early 2016. Seems AMD have first dibs and this has put nVidia back a bit. Dunno though, it's all hearsay.

I read that nVidia price by performance, not so much on generation, but I have seen them chop the price of older cards. If the rumours are true about the performance of things like Pascal, then surely they will be priced more than the 980Ti. That card is pretty much as good as a Titan for half the price. So my guess is the new nVidias with HBM are at least going to cost somewhere between a 980Ti and a Titan - it's a bit prohibitive.

I can always sell the 970s and upgrade to the Pascals if it's a no brainer.


Just trying to help, I know it's more like a hinder sometimes  ;D

I have the feeling you won't bother with a second card, by the time you need one HBM will be the norm and a new card would probably be the better option.

A bit jealous of you getting Assassin Creed Syndicate, had my eye on that one for a little while, way too much money atm though  :(

And then there's Fallout 4, that game is really calling me in  :drooling:


You're helping more than hindering :)

I hope the game is like before and it's a Steam code. I prefer to use Steam for all my games now.

I was asking again over on the Daz forums and the 970 is used by a few people and it's quick, much quicker than just the CPU on it's own which is what I use at the moment.

Now I got accepted as a vendor over there I will be doing a lot of graphics work, so now is the best time for me to take the plunge really.