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8GB+ Graphics Cards

Started by Freddy, July 04, 2015, 13:26:17 PM

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Since this has popped up in a separate topic I thought I would start a new thread.

Starting with the AMD R9 390X and my current choice of MSI.,1.html


That is a nice card but I'm thinking that AMD haven't really moved forward with their GPU's as much as I would have liked them too, they have been tweaking older GPU's haven't they.

Then what about Direct x 12, these older DX11 tweaked chips will work with DX 12 but maybe the smart money will be on the next gen GPU's.

Gut feeling, lets give it 6 months and see what has happened.

I admit that I haven't been looking at NVidia cards much, not sure where they are right now. 



Found this video, explains some basics.

Why have an 8 GIG card these days ?

Simple answer, you don't want to run out of VRAM and get in to them stutter moments.


Good video  :thumbsup:

Yes I also get the impression that not much has changed with these ones, but they are still decent enough cards. I'm reading that nVidia have the edge over AMD but cost more in a nut shell.

There's this from AMD, but only 4GB. Not really for this topic, but just to show what they have done that is more new.


I have not researched much lately on gpu's whether amd or NVidia, but I can say I had no problems ever with NVidia where I constantly had driver issues with amd. but please note I have not used amd for many many years.

when I bought my card there was much fuss on many forums saying you will never use that much, 2 is all that was needed boy where they all wrong and I am glad I got the 4GB model. note that was only around year ago. so I believe if 8 or 12 is out now we may be needing 16 to 24 by this time next year  :o


It could be that 8GIG cards might be the sweet spot for games for a few years now or at least until the next, next gen consoles get released. The consoles now are 8GIG, game makers can be lazy when importing to the PC.  ;)

PC only games could set the limit higher and make an ultra ultra ultra setting.  :D

There probably are other reason apart from games and running game engines that would need a lot more VRAM but I can't think of any right now.


Well my target is about £300 to be saved up for around Christmas or the New Year - maybe there will be some offers and price drops by then.

I can't see me stretching to more than 8GB at the moment though. nVidia may be worth a better look - I have had fine nVidia cards in the past, there's no real reason why I couldn't consider using one of theirs this time around.


Data VR is coming and I believe they are going to be vram hungry

Freddy no matter what card you choose be sure to keep us posted  ;)


   I learned daz would like 4 gb mem on the video card, I just checked my card which has 1 gb, well daz is working.


Yes Daz will work fine for the most part. A lot depends on how much you put in a scene. Some of the environments you can buy are pretty big.

For animating individual characters with a few props should be fine with what you have.


I came across this Vram test of Middle-earth: Shadow Of Mordor

The game is released and requires a minimum of a 6 GIG card to max out, top right of the video shows Vram usage @ around 5.5GIG.


  I just checked the HP computer, this is the older Gateway I'm using, the newer Hp has the 6 Gb buss speed  and seems a hair faster.  I just checked the video card that was put in, it has a 4 gb mem.  I should put Daz in that computer and take it out of tis one. 
  I'm not into gaming much,  I don't like wars and I don't like blood and guts, grew up in the country and you didn't want to shoot a person when hunting. 


A 4 GIG card will be fine for you Carl2, as you are not much of a gamer, fully understandable.

I really posted the video to poo poo any thoughts that anything over a 4 GIG card is a waste of money for games because it isn't, there are game engines out now that can utilise them extra GIG's.


Actually that game is on my wish list and I nearly bought it the other day - never thought to look at the recommended system.

Thanks  :thumbsup:


Didn't know it was on your wish list Freddy, well there you go  :D

Another one that will need plenty of Vram to max out is GTA5, still silly money to buy on Steam but one day  ;)