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Started by Data, August 19, 2016, 15:34:54 PM

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Will your next CPU be Ryzen ?

2 (40%)
1 (20%)
2 (40%)

Total Members Voted: 5


Looking at the price of the already existing Ryzen lappys, I'm thinking this new one will be a bit too much to spend on what would be a backup machine. I think I will wait and see if it causes the older ones to drop in price.


Indeed the smart money might be on the previous gen  :thumbsup:


Things still not looking good for Intel, their new CPU's ( Comet Lake ) will be 14nm.

QuoteIntel 10th Gen Comet Lake Processor as Fast as AMD Ryzen 7 3800X?
Early Benchmarks Point to Twice the Power Draw


This is a good read, it explains the current situation in the CPU market ( it focuses on mid range CPU's, what most people buy ).

AMD Ryzen 5 3600X vs Intel Core i5-9600K: Mid-Range Rumble


Well I'm really coming from the past so what I say doesn't matter much but I always went for Intel's I 7 line.


The new AMD Ryzen laptop CPU has arrived and it's a huge step forward with much lower power consumption. 

QuoteAMD Ryzen 9 4900HS Review, Move Aside Intel, Your Days of Laptop Domination Are Over


This is pretty impressive.

AMD release a new entry level CPU, 4 core 8 thread is now entry level.

Thanks AMD  8)


As time goes by I'm getting more and more impressed with AMD and their new strategy and technology, it's looking like they are seriously going to take the crown from Intel and possibly Nvidia too. 

The New Ryzen 5000 series of CPU's is just around the corner and it is mighty.

AMD's new RX 6000 series of GPU's looks to be on-par with Nvidia's 3000 series for less money and less power consumption.

I will be posting some performance videos in this thread at some point.

Watch this space.


All I know is that I'm glad that I listened to Data and Freddy when they highly recommended I look into getting an SSD on my next computer.

Thanks again, guys. It has been highly worth the investment! Best and fastest Laptop I've ever owned!!


I got my first SSD in 2011, still have it in my PC as a storage drive for games and it's working perfectly, unless you get a bad one (which can happen with all PC components) they have a longer life than HDD too.


I can't remember when I got my first one.

They also generate less heat, take up less space and are silent  8)


The new Ryzen 5000 series of CPU's are here, I said I would post some benchmarks, hold on to your seats, AMD have eaten Intel for breakfast here in both single and multicore.

Skip this video to 3:50 for the results.




AMD have just announced another leap in CPU technology ( 3D V-Cache ), it's real and it's coming.


Still happy with my PC here  ;D

Good to know AMD are still pushing things along though  :thumbsup: