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Anyone know if BenQ monitors are any good ?

Started by Freddy, November 26, 2010, 19:48:46 PM

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My second monitor seems to have died on me, there's a green thick haze over the screen.  Tested all the ports, adapters and leads, all are fine.  Got to be some internal thing in the monitor I guess.

Been looking for a cheap replacement, came up with a few cheap options - it doesn't have to be game playing standard or anything like that.

Found these :

BenQ G702AD 17 inch LCD Monitor (Analog, 5ms, 2000:1 DCR, Vista Basic, Senseye and Photo Technology)

Dell IN1720N 17 inch Widescreen LCD Monitor

Samsung B1930N 19 inch Widescreen LCD Monitor

I'm inclined to get the Samsung as it matches my main monitor and looks nice although it's slightly lower resolution than the Dell, not a biggie though.  But it is a bit wider too and WS.

Can't decide, anyone have any thoughts ?

Can't find any reviews of the first two, but people on Amazon seem to like the Samsung and I really like the larger one that I have already.


Seen a few dead LCD screens, never seen one with a green haze though, I have seen an old CRT screen with a green haze, that turned out to be the D-Sub plug on the monitor, one of the pins wasn't making a good contact, I know you say you have tested the leads but have you tried plugging it into the other out-put on the graphics card, as in the one that has the good screen on?

It could be a dodgy connection if its connected to D-Sub and not the DVI.

Anyway if it is dead, I would probably go for the 19 Inch Samsung, the 17 inch wide screens aren't very big and that extra 2 inches does make it better on the eyes.

It's a shame you live a few miles away Freddy, I have 2 LCD screens here, both are up for grabs, a 19 inch LG wide screen and a 19 inch 4:3 Samsung, am asking for about £35 each for them.

PS: Im not going to be around the forum much am having a new gas boiler put in.


Thanks Data, yes I tried everything you mentioned, also tried a different DVI>VGA adapter.  And tried different leads.  All to no avail.  Resetting the monitor did nothing either and the colour settings for some reason do nothing now.  What would work on the 'good' monitor didn't work on the 'bad' one...

I might have a solution though.  Dad may get a new wide screen like mine and I will take their old 19"