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HD freeview TV on the PC ( DVB T2 ) UK

Started by Data, May 27, 2012, 19:02:35 PM

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I already have two freeview TV or (DVB T1) PCI cards in my PC but they don't support freeview HD in the UK, Oh! no, we need DVB T2 cards that support mpeg4 for that.

After hunting around on the web and doing a bit of research I discovered that there aren't many serious options available on the market for the desktop PC, we seem to be limited to two card manufactures.


Black & Gold

Both of these cards get good customer reviews, have options of single or dual for watching one channel and recording another at the same time and most importantly they both work in Windows Media Center.

I will be going for the TBS PCI-E DVB-T2 Dual card simply because it's the cheaper option.

Will post some screenshots and maybe a video when I have it installed and running.


Quote from: Freddy on May 27, 2012, 19:46:14 PM
Did you take a look at Hauppauge ?

Yes, Hauppauge don't do DVB T2 cards, they only do T1. Seem to be a little behind.


Funny though, I was looking at FreeSat stuff the other day myself.  I came up with this so far :



That doesn't do HD Freddy, we have at least 4 HD channels there for free I want to make the most of them.

I tell a lie it says it does do HD, seems very cheap to me.   

And you said FreeSat but the box you posted if Freeview, they are not the same thing.  


Oh yeah well spotted  :LOL:

I'm looking for FreeSat.  I've not done a lot of research yet as you can tell  :P


I have done some looking into Freesat for my Dad, if its quality you are after, both in construction and picture then there is only one make to go for.

Available in single or dual

     Humax Single

     Humax Dual

My Dad has the single tuner one that can't record but the picture quality is spot on. The dual one is probably the one to go for though as you can record one channel and watch another.  


Thanks Data.  I don't think I will get the dual though, it's rare that there is one program on that I want to watch and even rarer when there are two on at the same time.  :D


I just realised that is Freeview and not FreeSat too  :LOL:


Ahh you spotted the deliberate mistake,  :sign-yeah-right:

Silly me, have linked to the correct one now.


Nice, thanks, cool that it is cheaper too.  Does iPlayer as well.  Hmm, better start saving.,


Yeah the Humax box does the BBC iPlayer really well, the HD on both the FreeSat picture and the iPlayer is excellent. One other thing to note is that the Humax is fully up gradable via software up-dates, which will make sure you are more future proof.

I ordered the TBS PCI-E DVB-T2 Dual card today, will keep you all posted.


The card came yesterday, I'm not disappointed, the freeview signal strength is reading stronger than it did on my old T1 TV cards but the best bit is the quality of the HD picture, absolutely beautiful, check it out. 


TBS Freeview HD TV Tuner really good. 
It has two types:TBS6220 dvb-t2 single Tuner and TBS6280 dvb-t2 twin tuner,the twin tuner can watching and recording two different channels from two different frequencies simultaneously.