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Intel Broadwell

Started by Snowcrash, September 17, 2013, 18:23:45 PM

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  I ran a search at Newegg   link

SUPERMICRO C7Z97-OCE Intel Z97 LGA 1150 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s Dual Gb LAN DDR3 3300 (OC) Server Grade Gaming ATX Motherboard                                   $194

Reviews say it needs a bios flash before it can be used


Yes I noticed some of the previous Haswell motherboards will take the new Broadwell CPU's but
still no CPU's available yet, must be getting close now.


Only M models for sale now. Early next year for the desktop models.
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Early this year has passed us by but still no Broadwell CPU's available.

Does seem a little odd now, this has been going on for longer than expected.


Yeah funnily enough I was looking for them the other day, I read that they will be here soon. Whatever soon is.


While we wait I thought we could have a look at the next gen 14nm technology.


I still think it will be a while before I will be doing any upgrading.


same here Freddy, unfortunately I don't have the time I use to, to use my destop, so atm the cost of an upgrade would be un-justable. besides it does what I need it too, so no need to upgrade well w8 a minute  :scratch-head: except for maybe bragging rights lol  :P


I've done the "bragging rights" thing, mate, and to be quite honest, it wasn't really worth the expense. If it ain't broke... :)
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I do like to keep up with chip technology, at least on paper, its been an interesting ride over the years, going down to 14nm now, I remember when they didn't think it was possible.


Dave I know the rest, don't fix it  ;)
but you have to admit, it is pretty sweet having the latest and greatest  ;)
with that notion common HoloLens publicly release already will ya  :P

I remember reading an article way back when they said eight cores was not possible, and 14nm and 8 cores was never going to happen.