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Intel Kaby Lake

Started by Data, October 10, 2016, 20:17:14 PM

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  From a video I just watched I'm thinking the next Intel releases in the fall will be Kaby lake at low wattage and there is also the AMD Zen.  I personally would have to see how the Zen will do after a bit of use before buying one.  2018 we go to the 6 core processors.


Maybe it's me getting older and not building machines anymore but I feel Intel & AMD want to sell us 6 cores but do we really need them?
It seems to be the GHz battle of yesteryear again where the GHz of the processor was it's main marketing selling point, when MIPS & FLOPS are a much better gauge of actual speed.
What can you sell to a PC user? I know how about 8 cores? Set out in a V configuration... a V8, with a really loud exhaust fan.

I know, I'm a cynic but I'm trying to just be sceptical.
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I can't disagree with any of that Snowy  :thumbsup:

But can add a little to it.

Intel should have been supplying 6 to 8 core chips to the masses years ago already.

In their favour they are reducing power consumption per core with almost every generation.


  I have mixed feelings about doing a build but seeing all the features left out for the manufacturer to save money and have a lower priced computer isn't good.  I'm not sure what I'll do about storage because the latest and greatest storage won't be released until the fall. 
  Looking at the videos again there is coffee Lake and cannon lake to be released in the fall.  Quite a bit of talk about the lower power chips made for laptops that confuses the issue.


  More research on the Kaby Lake and also the Coffee Lake,  there is quite a bit of info from 2016 and newer info is hard to find.  I was able to find something on the coffee lake only a few months old but not much info since it dealt with laptops as well as other low power processors.   It seems like it will be 14 nm and be released at the end of this year.  I read an article ages ago saying to wait for the Coffee Lake and I wouldn't mind doing that.


My sister came into my office to relate something to me, and upon seeing the term "Coffee Lake", she went into her best Homer Simpson impression (which isn't really all that good, truth be told), and said, "Mmmmmmmm! Coooooooofffeeeeeeeeee!" :D
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  I just saw this yesterday, Intel Core i7 7th Gen 7700,16 GB DDR4 240 GB SSD, Windows 10 Home 64-Bit  going for  $849 but it is out of stock today.
Now that we have the M.2 and even quicker storage the manufactures will put in a SSD for us.