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Intel Skylake

Started by Data, September 19, 2015, 23:49:52 PM

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  Looks like Intel has covered pretty much the whole spectrum of what people would want in a CPU, from the power hungry monsters to the nice energy efficient processors the nicely get the job done.  Ideal for laptops with batteries, but to keep prices down they will have standard drives.


The Skylake i5 6500 looks good to me at 65watt, nice sweet spot  8)

Did a bit of hunting around to find out when the 6 and 8 cores will arrive, it's going to a be a while.

QuoteIntel will release its next-gen High-End Desktop processor in Q3 2016 in the form of Skylake-E


  Skylake-E  The extreme series,  usually much higher priced.  Be nice to get out of the quad series, not sure why, nice quick boot and responsive enough now.  As far as the  Skylake i5 6500  I just checked and the notherboard has M.2 so all is well there, but at this point in time the large majority of laptops and desktops are still using regular drives.


Yes indeed the little i5 with an M.2 sounds like a nice build to me, I would put in my 2 SSD's as well but absolutely no spinners  8)

I believe all the 6 and 8 cores CPU's are extreme, our Freddy has the Haswell E 6 core.

Are you thinking of getting a Skylake laptop then Carl2 ?


The last 2 computers have been i7's and I've been happy with them so I'd probably stick to i7.  This computer has lasted 5 years and I'm still very happy with it, guess my thinking is a i7 gives better performance and will be useful longer.  Guess there is the 4790 which they compared to the 5820 and said in most applications the 4790 would still do the job.
   You are right they all have the E, and interesting the frequencies are 3.3 G Hz, 3.5 G Hz  200 more for .2 Ghz  and the 8 core is 3.0 G Hz.  HP is still selling the 5820 for about 1200, now you have to search for it,  I wouldn't be interested in it unless it has the M.2 and who knows what they did with the motherboard.
  Probably the wrong thing to say but I like 140 W much better than 65 W.  I probably wouldn't be able to keep it busy enough to generate 140 W but if you need it it's there for you.


If you think you will need the i7 then go for it, I say.

The problem I see is when something new comes out that I would like to get my hands on, in this case M.2 it doesn't cost much to re-build with an i5. My i5 is easily fast enough for what I need but the form factor is now too old for M.2.

My last Mobo, CPU and RAM only cost me £230, less then I would have spent on just an i7 CPU at the time.  :D


 I just came across this  Link: 

It's the i7 95 W and is being sold at Amazon for 350, vs the i5 for 278.
Another vid Link: 

in which different CPU's are compared.  It seems all do the job well but by upgrading you get the 1151 motherboard which gives you lots of new features such as the M.2. 
Seems both the i7 and i5 have the graphics in the chip. 
  Well things are moving forward, guess we have to decide which path to take I personally think things are still in development.


Nice videos Carl2, thanks  :)

Quote from: Carl2 on October 02, 2015, 14:03:19 PM
I personally think things are still in development.

I had to chuckle at that comment, sorry my friend,  isn't it the case that computers are constantly in development  :D

I was thinking of a build like this:

i5 6500  @ £155

Gigabyte GA-Z170M-D3H Mobo @ £95

2 x KVR 4GB 2400MHz DDR4  @ £44

Total £294

Still at bit pricy for me, it will probably come down in a couple of months, will keep an eye on prices.


  You seemed to be pretty happy with that i5, like me you like the M.2 and want to give it a try I'd say.  I'm actually in the same boat there is no way I can get an M.2 into either computer.  Guess I realize I'm happy with what I have.  I like the 5820 with 6 cores and it is affordable,  but looking at the vids it seems to eat to much power and possibly the Skylake technology would lessen this but then so far the Skylake has the on board graphics that I don't care for.
Anyways I go for Freddy's build, when he gets to the M.2 he'll be all set and I do believe it will be good enough for quite a few years.


Found out some interesting news today:

Skylake users given 18 months to upgrade to Windows 10

In short windows 7 and 8 users will get 18 months to up-grade to windows 10 to stay secure, if they are using a Skylake CPU. After that M$ are going to stop supporting win 7 and 8.


  Interesting news,  a year and I/2 to use win 8 then I'll have to switch to win 10. right now windows defender is doing all the security work, I always thought it was a job for windows and they do a pretty good job.
Of course now I wonder how long win 10 will be supported and how the next version will be handled.