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LG 3D computer monitor

Started by Carl2, June 23, 2012, 13:51:01 PM

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  LG has just come out with a 3D computer monitor, there is a lot of advertising about it so I did some searches, the reviews are mostly good, the video card in this computer has a manage 3D settings, the monitor I'm now using is a 32 inch tv. 
  Not sure about the LG which only comes in a 23 inch size.  I think to watch 3D movies I need a blue ray player.  I've always liked 3D movies.


Some manufactures make a 27 inch 3D monitor now, ASUS and Samsung do.

Yes you do need a BluRay drive to watch 3D movies on the PC, you also need a good player because Windows can't play BluRay either 3D or just HD.

I have a BluRay drive, not for 3D just for HD and did a bit of looking into the best players for Windows 7.

Some people say Power DVD is the one.

But others say  TotalMedia Theatre 5 is better.

Me I use TotalMedia Theatre 5 but I haven't experienced any of their 3D playback.


  Thanks for putting Asus in the picture, I've always like them,  there 27 inch monitor looks pretty good , $659, the 23 inch is $359, both use shutter glasses ( the monitor sends an IR beam to the glasses) that are said to be better for 3D than the red green glasses.  The LG I mentioned earlier is $269 and uses the red green glasses.  We have IMax theaters here that show 3D movies, I've heard they use polorized glasses.
  My head is still buzzing with all the new info, not sure at this point. I was hoping to pick one up at a department store so I could easily return it if not happy with the results.
  There is also a 3D tv you can buy and connect to the internet , cable ect, it has usb ports for pictures ect.  Do you have any info on the Nvidia video card since the one I have has 3D settings?


I assume you mean red/blue 3D. That's old hat and really rubbish.

There are 3 main, modern, 3D systems. All are psudo-3D 'cos they trick the eye into seeing 3D from a flat surface (one focal point). So if you try to focus on something coming towards you, you'll lose the 3D effect.
You can tell the difference between the systems by what you wear.
1) Active 3D. These have active glasses. They are powered by batteries and take their signal from the screen. Cost about £$40-100 each.
2) Pasive 3D. These have passive glasses. This is what you get at most cinemas and some TVs. Glasses are cheap £$5.
3) The other type. Not sure what they call this but it doesn't require any glasses. Your head has to be in the correct position. Not seen any TVs using this yet. It's what the 3DS uses.
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Carl you have to be a bit careful with the 3D settings on your card, what I mean is, they use the word 3D for gaming acceleration, which is NOT the same as a 3D screen output or 3D vision.

I am also not well up on Nvidai cards, ATI man here but I do know you need a graphics card that can output a 3D signal to the monitor.

It's called 3D vision, check out the link  :thumbsup:


  I read the latest post and then went to Nvidia site and looked at the video cards,  I have a NVIDIA GeForce G100 512MB, an older card not even mentioned on the graphic card charts. I'm getting a 4.5 on the performance index.  I think I might be better off upgrading the video card before go into the monitor.  At this time I'm not sure about a newer card fitting in and the PCI that I have, this is the info I have
Expansion Slots
2 x PCI
1 x PCI-e 16x
1 x PCI-e 1x
  My experience with 3D video is when I was young, a mostly underwater monster movie.  Made quite an impression on me and I can still recall a lot of it.  It did use the red blue glases. 
  Nvidia offers a kit it looks like you could use your present monitor with the kit ( it includes the IR sending unit and the glasses) but I noticed the monitors for 3D have refresh rates of 120 hz and my highest is 75 hz.
  I used to always use ATI back in the days when I built computers,  ran into a problem with getting a download from AMD shortly after ATI waas bought by AMD. 


Yes I doubt very much that the card you have now will do 3D vision but your motherboard will take a new graphics card, it will fit just right in your 1 x PCI-e 16x slot.

All you have to watch out for is the power consumption, newer high end cards require quite a lot of power, so your power supply must be able to give that amount of power and, just as important, it must also have the correct power connectors. Most of the high end cards need at least one supply direct from the power supply and some need two.   


  Just checked the specs again, 300w pwr supply in this thing, Antec has a 500w for about 70, glad you mentioned that.  Rather funny that I've been looking at a HP with an intel 6 core cpu,
for an additional 70 I can get an 3GB Nvidia GeForce GT640, that sells for 109.  I'm looking at the ASUS ENGTX550 TI DC/DI/1GD5 for 129, that offers greater than twice the performance.
  The HP 6 core sells for 1000, and with upgrades 200 for 6 core and 70 for graphics it's about 1300,  The intel 6 core sells for 569,  I'd like to get the cost of a build, 6 cores, usb3, SSD (even the HP would need a ssd put in.), memory ect.  What I have is nice and seems to easily do the job.  Prices seem to have dropped on most of the items needed.


6 core processors don't really add much performance to desktop machines due to games (the most likely tou are to push your machine) only really use 3 cores.
There maybe exceptions to this but not many. I think it's an Xbox thing.

Alll you'll do is burn more lecky.
"I cannot remember the books I've read any more than the meals I have eaten; even so, they have made me."

Ralph Waldo Emerson


  This started out as an intrest in 3D for computers,  I'm also interested in moving to usb 3 to make use of the SSD using Sata 111.  I made a list of components for a 6 core build and it comes to $1,937 while the HP with the $200 upgrade for 6 core is $1200, still even their upgraded graphics card is not that good.