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NEw chip - smart appliances

Started by DD1975, March 13, 2012, 20:36:42 PM

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So fancy logging onto Datahopa on your fridge?  8)

However tempered slightly by the news that touchscreens could be on the way out:

However, could that miracle material Graphene be about to come to the rescue!!!!

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Great articles, Thanks for posting them.
No need to fear, nano tubes are here  :D


Geek alert :@-computer:

So Arm's latest processors, A chip that's only 1mm x 1mm capable of 32 bit processing that takes hardly any power and cost only 20pence.



I thought that article would float your boat Data  :sign-lol:

Now waiting on Snowy's response..........
Smoke me a Kipper I'll be back for breakfast - Ace Rimmer


Hehe, yeah I liked that DD, good post  :thumbsup:   


A 1mm X 1mm chip in every appliance. Sounds like it will happen.
Couple that with a jacket/shirt that generates electricity and wearable computers are one step closer.
Couple these with a TerraHz mobile/cellular network and augmented realities will be here to stay.

There's prob a big 'but' in there somewhere. (fnarr, fnarr. I said big butt). I shall look on these developments with anticipation and optimism. I want it all and I want it now. (Queen, I want it all)
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