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PC has begun to boot up slowly.

Started by Freddy, October 30, 2014, 12:38:19 PM

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The past couple of days my PC has started to boot up slower than normal. I'm still on 7 with SSD, nothing has changed.

Any thoughts ?

Usually it takes about 10 seconds. Now it's 30+.

Okay it's not a life changer but could it be something worth worrying about ?

Thanks :)


I think mine is booting a bit slower too, recently there were lots of up-dates to windows 7, mine got slower then.

A clean install of Windows 10 (when it arrives) is on the cards me thinks.  :)


I thought it might have been an update too I had one recently. I'll see how it goes. Thank mate :)


Since I have my box on 24/7, I haven't noticed any change, mainly because I rarely see it boot up. As far as overall performance, though, I don't see any difference, so that's good. :)
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I've been trying to get to the bottom of this. It's slow on the initial boot in the morning, but subsequent boots during the day it is fine. So it's almost like it occurs on what I can describe as 'cold' start.

I think it might be a WLAN thing. Which means it could be my wireless adapter that is causing it. I'm still digging, but there's an error in the startup that mentions WLAN.

Other than that I tested my disks - I found a nice tool for checking SSDs, which is really why I am posting - to drop this in in case others find it useful.


Seems like a cool app, Freddy. Please let us know how you get on with it.

As for the startup issue, try disabling your wireless adapter before you go to bed, and see if that speeds up the cold boot. If it does, my only suggestion is to see if there are updated drivers for it. Beyond that... ?
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Good plan Dave, I'll do that tonight.  :thumbsup:


Some thoughts.

Unplug any no essential usb devices.

Make sure there is no DVD in the drive.

You could disconnect any HDD's and DVD drives internal and external for testing the boot.

Drives low on space can slow the boot time.

On a cold boot the bios looks for hardware, so there could be something failing or getting detected wrongly because of something failing or dirt.  :-\  you know what I mean  :D


Thanks Data. I'll try tomorrow with Dave's idea then try what you mentioned. :)


It was the wireless adapter it seems, as the PC booted quick again this morning. I have a spare luckily. Good to have figured it out, thanks all :)


Hmm, so it wasn't the wlan or my adapter as it kept happening even on restarts.

Went digging in the logs and there was a RAID problem that was taking a minute to resolve. So I updated my Intel RAID driver and (touch wood) it working fast again now.

Perhaps there was a W7 update that caused some problem.


These intermittent problems can be the worst to diagnose, hopefully you have it sorted but keep an eye on it  ;)


Yeah it's a pain, some times it was a lot slower going up to a minute to boot and shut down was slow too.

Currently it is behaving since the RAID thing was updated, actually it's faster than when it was working okay ... strange, will see how it goes :)


You did get your Haswell rig quite early after release, there is probably some improvements to the drivers by now.

I just up-dated my ChipSet and AHCI drivers to the latest, PC is running nice a quick.


Well it seemed to have fixed it, so fingers crossed :)